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I hope to give you a variety of things to look at in this site Sailing, Music, home and travel, so stay tuned.

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First How about some music Pictures

With 3 Concert Bands There are plenty of performances.

The Encore Symphonic Concert Band.

The Richmond Hill Concert Band.

 The South Simcoe Concert Band

Concert schedules are added under Concert Listings !

Matilda Photos and Georgian Bay Sailing
Matilda at Sea;

Photos of my old 20 ft. Matilda, I sailed it everwhere in winds over 40 miles an hour and it was a solid little boat.

Georgian Bay Sailing;

Stories and photos on sailing Georgian Bay from Midlan to the North Channel north of Manatoulin Island
A little Music Maestro

Grampian before, After and in The Trent Canal

Before deals with the boat pictures taken before I bought the boat "YUK" se it or you won't believe it.

After is pictures taken after I cleaned it up.

Grampian 2004 Picuters after some updtaing and on the beach

Grampian 2006 Picutures Under Sail, Many physical changes and new Interior

Trent Canal pictures of bringing the boat home to Lake Simcoe through the Trent Severn Waterway

Georgian Bay Destinations

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Tell me what you think, there are links to some great sites in Georgian Bay sailing and the Homeward bound pages. Georgian Bay Links, Interactive map of North Channel, Friends of the Trent and Erie Canal links provide lots of information for lots of great recreational areas. Been a little busy so I just updated all the links to make sur they worked, as of March 2011. I'll have more shortly.

Chasing my friend Fern in his Tanzer 29
This photo was taken while I was chasing my friend Fern outside of Gore Bay on the north side of Manatoulin Island.

Yes I caught him even though he left Gore Bay one hour before I did, shows what strong winds and hard sailing with a tuff little boat can do. I would never get close in normal or light breezes.
Map of the North Channel

Come back regularly, this kind of thing is never finished !