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The Matilda Adventures.
My travels with this little boat would start by towing the boat to Midland where I would launch it put my car in the locked compound and take off for a month at a time.

First stop after stocking up food and fuel was usually a sail out to Beausoleil Island and anchor at one of the many bays. There are camp grounds, docking facilities, and sandy beaches only accessable by water.

Here I am sitting in Chimney Bay
This quiet bay sits on the north end on Beausoleil Island about 10 miles from Midland and 5 miles from Honey Harbour.

While camping here (the boat is only in 3 ft. of water) we would walk a shore camp, barbeque and swim.


  Travelling North
From Beausoleil Island the trip starts by motor going north through the Landing Channel and the Musquash channel with overnight stop at Sans Souci where Henry's Fish Restaurant doesn't look like much but has great fish and friendly people as well as overnight dockage.

From here travelling north you take about 2 days to reach Parry Sound. Let me tell you if the winds right you will have a sail to die for coming down the "SOUND" with a good northern or southern breeze. There is also great anchorage off Killbear Park, sandy beaches deep enough to anchor in and close enough to get ashore ( great privacy for skinny dipping to).

Great Anchorages
Point a Baril

. Actually is wooden baril at the Lighthouse at Point Au Baril point. Also a real treat to visit is the Ojibway Hotel, built in the 20s this old hotel is right out of the movies of the roaring 20s. Now used by the cottages as a gathering place your still welcome to go to the little restaurant get a coffee and go out on the sun porch
Bing Inlet

.This is a community about 5 miles inland from the open water, small stores great restaurants, there is a store with camp ground as you get to the main area. Great food (Pickeral dinner was only about beer was reasonable and food was cooked to perfection) at the resaurant over top of the Store.
You could motor (sail) up the river to grocery stores and liquor store.
Going North from Parry Sound you find many interesting areas to investigate

Collins Inlet is just south of Killarney and enters just north of an area called the chickens, (known for shallow water, rocks etc.)

The Inlet resembles a river going in but what you hae to look for is the old lumber ghost town, only noticeable by the pier timbers still there. The water is very deceiving , while only 20 ft. from shoe I went to set the anchor for the night to find that the water was about 50 ft. deep.

Georgian Bay destinations

The North Channel
I could go on for hours here sailing out of Killarney to Little Current tying up at Wally's town warf. Sailing North West to Clapperton Island, then North to Croaker Island where the anchorage is beautiful, water crystal clear.I sailed to Gore Bay with its sheltered clear harbour, home of CYC (Canadian Yaht Charters) the rent 30 to 40 ft. Sail boats and trawlers.

Check out the links they show most of the areas, drop me a note tell me what you think of the site, Bye for now !

Interactive map of the North Channel

Haul out in Killarney
Usually launch off a trailer I thought I would haul out in Killarny instead of Gore Bay or Little Current, but the water level was so low I would have had to walk the trailer half way accross the lauch area to get in deep enough to get the bunks under the water so we had it hoisted. Show how shallow a boat it really is, but she stand a good breeze.

Chasing a friend off Gore Bay
This is my good friend Fern. I took this picture on while chasing him on my way out of Gore Bay travelling to Croaker Island (in the Benjamins)I had chased him down the channel in winds between 25 and 40 miles and the little boat stood up like a tropper not even 1 knock down (my friend Fern took a couple of good knockdowns)

Although not the fastest boat I must say it was very stable in a gust.